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Christmas at Selecthire

Christmas At Home

This Christmas , Selecthire is here to make your life a little less stressful.Selecthire with many years of expereince can help take some of the hassle out of your event. Having all the family around or organising the drinks party is great fun. And here at Selecthire we can help with the additions required to make the party great & easy to arrange.Whether you require extra tables, extra seating or crockery & cutlery,we have it all. Below are some Christmas packages that may suit your needs or alternatively you can browse through our other products for hire by clicking here !

Christmas Party advice !

Parties can be stressful for the host at the best of times, throw in all the hustle and bustle, family arguments and logistics of Christmas and it can potentially be a disaster.  Here are a few tips to help you sail throw the festive season.  So if you have decided to host a party/dinner/drinks and have been having sleepless nights about it.  Fear not!

1. Put Together a Guest List and Invitations

Once you've decided what kind of  Christmas party you're going to host, determine the date, time, guest list, and menu. Then put together a list of people to invite and decide how you're going to get the word out (you can send an invitation via email or post, or you can call guests). We suggest inviting your guests at least three to four weeks in advance if not sooner, as calendars fill up fast around the Christmas season.

2. Make a plan and ask for some help

 If you are drowning under all the things to do, ask for help.  Make your list of food, decor, music, guest list (always invite a few really great entertaining guests, I call them your money in the bank guests) and delegate the different tasks.  As Derry Clarke from L’Ecrivain always says, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

3. Decor and Ambience

You don’t have to compete for the illumination of the year prize.  Pick a few areas to highlight.  Your entrance is always a good idea, as it’s the first place your guests will see and this sets the tone for the party.  Always walk through your space as your guests will and try to imaging the room/space filled with people and think what you will like to see.  Christmas scents are a good idea, so candles (make sure they can’t be knocked over though).  Only put flowers or decorations where they will be seen. Think small, save space for food by displaying low arrangements of bloom in lieu of a large centrepiece Don’t get caught up  decorating every tiny little space

4. Drinks and food

Pick food and drinks that are easy to dispense if you’re not having someone to help you serve.  So if its cocktails, make up a big batch in advance that only needs something added at the last minute.  If you’re serving party canapés, make sure you’re not going to spend hours finishing them to look pretty.  Either get some help or choose something else.

5. Music and atmosphere

Music is the fastest and easiest way to set your atmosphere (this and lighting).  So if you plan on having a playlist, make sure its long enough or contain enough music so that you don’t have to change it during the course of the evening.

Finally – Enjoy

Last but not least  ,enjoy yourself. If you are having a good time, your guests will have a great time as well

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